Uniting two leading lights in Italian luxury

Bulgari needs no introduction: the beauty, refinement and grace of their pieces speak for themselves. Their story encompasses 130 years of luxury jewellery design that has brought Italian craftsmanship the global renown it so richly deserves. In this respect Maserati and Bulgari are two sides of the same coin: their shared philosophy and passion for perfection have proved a solid foundation for fruitful collaboration. Building on the success of the bespoke watch released in 2012, the pair are now proud to present the stylish Bulgari Octo Maserati model.

Time waits for no man

On the race track, victory can be won by a fraction of a second. This is why every Maserati displays the precision engineering and attention to detail that have defined the brand for 100 years. Bulgari has also stood the test of time; its Roman inspiration, Italian design and Swiss watch-making expertise ensure that its work is as prized today as it was in 1884. At its base in Neuchâtel, cutting-edge techniques and traditional savoir-faire combine to create timepieces in which every single element is worthy of the Bulgari name. 

The Bulgari Octo Maserati: a timeless timepiece

The Bulgari Octo Maserati watch is a true joy to behold. Connoisseurs will note the way that the blue and silver colour scheme echoes the hallmarks of Maserati design, while the alligator leather strap mirrors their elegant interiors. An exceptional, high-frequency mechanism lies within, powering the distinctive trio of chronometric displays on the champlevé dial. Innovative yet intuitive, this timepiece is as individual as the wearer, and as synonymous with masculine chic as Maserati itself. Bulgari will lovingly craft just 1,914 examples, in honour of the founding year of the House of the Trident.